Michigan Youth in Government Alumni Board

Eddie Gomez

Position: Chair

Previous Delegation: Saginaw Heritage

What is some advice you would give a first year alumni?

If I were to give advice to a first year alumni, I would tell them "learn and be curious" . I like this particular saying because it motivates people to learn about all areas of Michigan Youth and Government. Curiosity will move gears in anyone's open eyes and to learn more about our program as a whole. I would encourage anyone to reach out to senior volunteers about the many different programs that we offer.

What is your favorite memory of YIG as an Alumni?

My favorite memory as an alumni would be going to the banquet and seeing all the awards the different students win.

Felicia Pollock

Position: Vice-Chair

Previous Delegation: Mason Consolidated

What is some advice you would give a first year alumni? 

Just show up with an open mind, because you are going to meet some amazing people as an alumni. Never feel afraid to ask other members for help or advice. Also, remember to put yourself in the student’s shoes. It wasn’t too long ago that we were the students, and I remember how much of an impact the alumni had on making my YIG experience truly life changing. 

What is your favorite memory of YIG as an Alumni? 

My favorite memory as an alumni would have to be my very first conference that I ever volunteered at. My car ran out of gas on my way to the conference, and it was the other alumni who came to my rescue. I was a brand new as an alum and had never met most of these people before, but everyone was so caring and helpful. I don’t think I will ever live that down, and I don’t think I ever want to because it’s such a good memory.

Easton Straus 

Position: Secretary

Previous Delegation: Beal City

What is some advice you would give a first year alumni? 

Make the most of it. No matter where you come from or what you do, your help is always appreciated and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. We have all been through our first year before.

What is your favorite memory of YIG as an Alumni? 

My favorite YIG memory as an Alumni is in my first year ordering Cottage Inn Pizza and staying up most of the night full of laughs and talking about memories from when we were delegates.

Montgomery Barrow

Position: Finance

Previous Delegation: Coldwater

What is some advice you would give a first year alumni? 

As an alumni for the Michigan Youth in Government program for the last two, going on three years my advice would be to listen carefully. When saying this many people think that they need to listen for the bad. I say this to encourage people to listen to the bright youth. To realize that these delegates speaking actually have something meaningful to say. Many delegates say things you don’t expect and always have you thinking about what they said. Listen to the generations that are coming behind us. The ones who will lead us someday. Realize as an alumni you are helping facilitate these thoughts. You’re making it possible for the words of these delegates to be shared. You are the ones they look up to and as a first year alumni it’s always better to listen. Listen to what they are saying. Listen to understand the delegates and how much help they need from the alumni. Listen their words as an adult coming back and no longer as a fellow delegate. But most importantly enjoy the experience whether you come one time or for many years to come.

What is your favorite memory of YIG as an Alumni? 

My favorite memory of YIG as an alumni was getting the call I was on the board. I happened to be in the middle of the grocery store trying to finish my shopping to go home when Denver called me. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it or if I should accept the position considering I applied figuring I wouldn’t get it. I’ll admit the first conference I attended as a board member I was still very unsure. It wasn’t until my second conference as one that I realized just how much I love it. I realize I get to actually help shape the program and help keep alumni coming back. I’m responsible for helping raise money to continue the alumni program. Allowing every past delegate to come back and help shape the current delegates. To see what our future looks like. To me every day I get to be a board member and continue to help shape the program is a good memory. Now if we’re talking a conference memory it’s definitely finally getting done with hall walking and being so tired I wanted sleep, but wanted to join everyone in the hot tub, but overall just being thankful for the alumni who did it while I was a delegate.
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