What is Political Compromise?

Political Compromise is another debate program within YIG. Within this program delegates are spilt into 3 different interest areas with their own set of ideas and goals. These three interest group start off in committee and discuss what their needs are. After committee they will go into session and debate with the other two interest groups. By the end of the conference they will need to pass one resolution that all 3 interest groups can agree on.

Political Compromise Topic

Should public schools in the state of Michigan have a school resource officer?

2020 General Assembly Resolution

2020 P.C. Program Guide - File download

Interest Groups

School Safety Coalition (SSC)

Members of this group are dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of public schools in the state of Michigan. They are interested in strengthening partnerships with local government and public safety officials in order to create awareness related to school safety as well as have access to the latest technology and innovations in school safety. They also want to increase training for staff, teachers, students and parents on school security risks and best practices through these local official partnerships. This coalition believes that the protection of staff and students from potential security risks at school is of the utmost importance.

Restorative Justice Alliance (RJA)

Members of this group believe in utilizing restorative justice techniques to resolve conflicts in schools. They believe that restorative justice helps to strengthen communities, prevent bullying and reduce conflicts between students that can lead to heightened security risks if not addressed. The goal of this alliance is to establish partnerships with the community in this process through training school resource officers and local officials to mediate the process of healing and restoration of balance rather than focus on punishment when conflict occurs.

Advocates for Safety Beyond Policing (SBP)

Members of this group believe that school resource officers should not be present in schools. Instead, schools should have more mental health supports available such as social workers and counselors. Their view is that officers in schools simply increase suspensions and arrests without addressing the root of the conflict. The goal of this group of advocates is to bolster school safety through alternative methods to address the root of conflicts that arise.

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