What is Political Compromise?

Political Compromise is one of the program areas within YIG available to Middle School delegates. In Political Compromise (P.C.) students are organized into Interest Groups that have a specific stance on the topic area. Students rotate between gatherings with their specific interest group and into committees comprised of members of all three groups. Students deliberate in these groups in order to create a list of priorities for their interest group to take to General Assembly. Interest group leaders propose their priorities through a process of parliamentary procedure to the General Assembly (all delegates) and all priorities passed are incorporated into a Resolution presented to the entire conference as the Political Compromise Resolution for Action.

Learn more about the procedures in the Political Compromise Program Guide.

2021 Political Compromise Topic

Should Michigan abolish all zoos?

2021 Interest Groups

Humans Against Zoo Entrapment 

Humans Against Zoo Entrapment (H.A.Z.E.) seeks to abolish zoos across the state of Michigan.  H.A.Z.E. believes that zoos violate the rights of animals in multiple ways, but most notably in their living conditions. Zoos prevent animals from having the freedom that they would experience in the wild. H.A.Z.E. believes that something needs to be done to preserve species in a way that doesn’t involve the animal’s involuntary incarceration in Plexiglas boxes and chain link fences. H.A.Z.E. advocates for habitat conservation and preservation so animals can live out their existence in a spacious natural environment as opposed to being victims of the profiteering off of the torture of animals. 


Researchers Analyzing Biological Intelligence and Development 

Researchers Analyzing Biological Intelligence and Development (R.A.B.I.D.) recognize that zoos provide benefits to a society but do have some problems. R.A.B.I.D. believes that zoos provide great breeding programs and research opportunities for endangered species. But they do question the methods used to simulate a real environment. They advocate for more studies on the effects of captivity on certain species of higher intelligence. R.A.B.I.D. believes that zoos should establish breeding programs to reintroduce wildlife to their natural habitat, but understand the difficulties of doing so. R.A.B.I.D. sees the positives and negatives of the existence of zoos. 


People Advocating Species Survival 

People Advocating Species Survival (P.A.S.S.) is fighting to keep zoos in the state of Michigan. P.A.S.S. believes that zoos create the safest environment for animals, especially endangered species, to live and thrive. Zookeepers that specialize in certain animals can mitigate many of the threats to species when they live in a zoo. P.A.S.S. believes that research done on animals in zoos can be beneficial for all creatures and encourage sustainable coexistence with human populations. Zoos protect the animals while encouraging human interaction that builds a productive relationship between us all.

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