Contemporary Issues Forum

Contemporary Issues Forum is a debate between four to six member teams. Students work with law students as well as members of the legal community.

Debate is a formal argument in which a team of affirmative debaters answers a formally worded question and a team of negative debaters argue the other side of the question. 

Teams will compete in a 6 round tournament where they will take on both sides (affirmative and negative) throughout the competition. Read the detailed manual for more information about how to prepare for the YMCA MYIG C.I.F. Debate. 

Interested in being a Volunteer Judge? 

Contemporary Issues Forum can not be possible without the volunteers that help judge each round. If you are interested in volunteering to help our middle school students experience this one of a kind program please fill out the forum below! 

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Schools in the state of Michigan shall be able to discipline students based on social media posts.

How to start a CIF team?!

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