If you have participated in YMCA Michigan Youth in Government, you are already a program alumni. Become a member of the YMCA Michigan Youth in Government Alumni Association by submitting a registration. The Alumni Association is a critical part of the Youth in Government program. The alumni volunteer at various events throughout the state, help recruit or mentor new delegations, and help financially support the program through offering scholarships.  

Joining the Alumni Association is easy fill out the form below. This is to keep up to date what is happening at YIG. It will also let you know how to sign up for the events! You can also follow our Facebook page for updates.

We ask all alumni to help promote participation in YMCA Michigan Youth in Government at their high schools, middle schools, and neighboring schools and YMCA'S. Recruitment packets will be sent to any school or alumnus who makes a request. Contact the staff at staff@myig.org.

Join the YMCA MYIG Alumni Association Today! 
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