High School Leadership

Become a Leader Today!

Stepping out of your comfort zone and leading your peers is a very exciting opportunity. There are two types of leaders, elected and appointed leaders.

Elected Leaders

Elected leaders run for office at Fall Conference or the Spring Conference, depending on their desired role. If voted in by their peers, they become Presiding Officers of the program for the following program year. These are very important positions, but also require a lot of responsibility! The positions you can run for are: Youth Governor, Speaker of the House, Lt. Governor, NIF Presiding Officer and Chief Judge (starting in the 2024-2025 school year). Only one candidate per position per delegation is allowed and candidates are required to have one year experience in the program area they are running for. Students should indicate on their registration their intent to run. More information can be found here.

Appointed Leaders

Appointed leaders apply for their positions on their conference registration. Positions include: Legislative Committee Chair, Legislative Committee Clerk, Legislative Chamber Clerk, Legislative Inspirational Leader, Legislative Oversight Chair, NIF Committee Chair, Presiding Judges and Family Group Leaders. These are a good opportunity for students who wish to gain experience and run for office in the future. Or, for students who want to lead but not to run for office. These are very important positions, but also require a lot of responsibility! More information can be found here.

There will be virtual trainings that will be required for all leadership students! Please keep any eye out for emails and check this page regarding your trainings! 

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