Middle School Leadership

Elected Positions

Speakers of the House

Will chair the joint House/Senate committees throughout the conference.


  • Red & White: in the 7th or 8th grade
  • Blue: in the 6th grade or 1st year 7th grade
  • Knowledge of parliamentary procedure
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Recognized leadership ability
  • Good citizenship and servant leadership skills
  • Professional  appearance, dress, poise
  • Must have attended at least 1 YIG conference (White and Red)

Lt.  Governor

Will be responsible for an opening devotion or inspirational  presentation at the beginning of each House or Senate session as well as either the invocation or benediction at one of the general assemblies. In order to recognize the diverse make-up of our students, we will seek representation from a variety of religions.


  • Red & White: in the 7th or 8th grade
  • Blue: in the 6th grade or first year 7th grader
  • Willing and able to speak in public
  • Recognized servant leadership skills
  • Good citizenship 
  • Professional  appearance, dress, poise

Presiding Officers

The positions that will be elected at conference are the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House for the 3 color groups. The Lt. Governor will preside over the Senate. The Speaker of the House will preside over the House. These students will lead all Legislative Sessions, set the tone of their chamber and also have roles in the General Assemblies of the conference as a whole. 

Red/White chambers include all 8th graders and 2nd year 7th graders. Candidates for Red/White positions must have attended at least 1 prior YIG conference. Blue chambers include all 6th and 1st year 7th graders. Candidates for Blue positions may be 1st or 2nd year delegates.

Campaign & Election Procedures at Conference

Candidate Fair

Every student running for Lt. Governor or Speaker of the House will participate in a candidate fair during Sunday arrival. This will their chance to talk with other delegates and campaign for their election. Each candidate will be given half of a 8 foot table to set up their campaign materials. Each candidate should bring a trifold board and other materials to decorate their table. Other campaign materials may include handouts, flyers or candy (no nuts please.) 


Each candidate will have up to 3 minutes for their campaign speech. They may be introduced with a one-minute nominating speech from another delegate. Candidates will also participate in a parliamentary procedure skit led by alumni or advisors. This skit is intended to test the candidates knowledge of the parliamentary procedure process. 

There will be virtual trainings that will be required for all leadership students! Please keep any eye out for emails regarding your trainings! 

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