2024 Youth Governors

February Youth Governor

Simon Thompson

Portage Northern High School

April Youth Governor

Michael Kenny

Notre Dame Preparatory High School

I’m ecstatic to welcome you all back to another year of Michigan Youth in Government! As you all know or will learn, the energy that is created here is like none other, and I hope you cherish every bit of it over the course of this conference.

Throughout this conference, I am going to propose a challenge that I will present as a common theme throughout my term as Youth Governor. I encourage each delegate here to be a risk taker during this conference. Whether that be in the form of making a new friend, speaking on a bill you normally wouldn’t, or challenging yourself to understand an opposing viewpoint to your own. Step out of your comfort zone to grow.

Further, as your Chief Executive Officer for this High School Conference, remember that I am here for you. This is past just signing your bills and presiding, but also as an outlet for any of your necessities. This extends to all of the Presiding Officers you will see in these few days, and I promise we are the friendliest group to engage with.

With that, I wish you an amazing conference! Have fun and remember to be a risk taker!

Hello, and welcome to another amazing year of Michigan Youth in Government! This year will be better than ever, and I will do everything possible to make it so. I am ecstatic to work with all of you and celebrate all the fantastic things you will accomplish!

In keeping with my campaign promise, I will always be on call for each and every one of you if you need help writing a bill, composing a speech, or just have general questions about Youth in Government! My cabinet and I will work around the clock to ensure you have a fantastic MYIG experience. If your bill comes to my table, and I need help understanding it, I want to speak with YOU to hear your perspectives and ideas on improving our great state. I want to pass passionate yet thought-out bills that we can present to the real Michigan House and Senate. Hopefully, they pass through the Michigan Legislature, too!

I plan to integrate the program areas further this year, building off of what former Governor Ramani began. Whether this be giving you a sneak peek into the going-ons of other program areas, signing NIF proposals, or having more interconnected media at the conference, I want to hear YOUR ideas on what we can do to improve our program. This can only be accomplished if we work together, collaborate, and form bonds that hold us together during and after our time in MYIG.

Whether this is your 3rd year or you have never heard of MYIG, you are surrounded by a supportive community that will guide and encourage you through your MYIG journey. I hope to check in with each delegation to help you feel comfortable and prepared to enter this week. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out, as it is crucial to me that every delegate feels supported throughout the conference. I am so incredibly excited to kick off this MYIG season with you and get working on your bills, cases, and proposals! See you all this week!!

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