Executive Branch - Governor's Cabinet

As a member of the Governor's Cabinet you work directly with the Youth Governor. As a cabinet you will discuss bills that are a priority for the Youth Governor as well as lobby for those bills. If this is something you would like to be apart of please fill out the form below! There is a limit on how many delegates can be on the Governor's Cabinet. 

YMCA Michigan Youth in Government Youth Governors are elected to serve 1 term. The campaign begins in the Fall of their Junior year in a regional Primary Election at Fall Training Conference. Each regional district elects a candidate who runs in the General Election as Spring Conference. The Youth Governor serves from their election at the Closing Session of Spring Conference until they announce the new Youth Governor at the end of the term the following year. 

Youth Governor Macaluso

Youth Governor Thorne

I  knew from my first conference at Youth and Government that I wanted to be in leadership. My sixth grade year I was given a committee chair position, even though I hardly knew parli pro. With the help of the staff and delegates around me, I quickly picked up on the lingo and immediately began creating connections and making new friends. The next year I ran for, and won a Speaker of the House position. I loved the feeling of sitting in the chair and presiding over collaborative debate amongst my fellow delegates, and I met so many new people that I continue to be in touch with. Over the next three years, I held many more leadership positions and still have relationships with delegates from all over that State of Michigan. This is what I love most about the incredible program of Youth in Government. We are all able to leave political affiliation behind and work collaboratively as a collective youth of our great state. 

While the media displays fierce political divide, based on my experiences with this program, I am confident that my generation has the ability to overcome the unwavering "us against them" mentality and create a better future for our State and Country. I am so proud to have been elected to represent such a diverse State that brings ideas and solutions from so many different demographics.  My hope for the future of the conference and the future of our generation is that we can continue to debate civilly and increase our political engagement beyond the time spent in Lansing. 

Being elected as Late Youth Governor 2021 is an unbelievable honor. I have been given so many incredible leadership experiences from Youth and Government and I am excited for the opportunity to give back into the program that has given me so much. I am looking forward to returning to Lansing next year, refreshed, some after two virtual conferences, and picking up where we left off. Returning with the excitement and willingness to work hard and create solutions. But I am also excited to bring to the program a patient, inclusive, and positive environment that will welcome back each delegate to another impactful session of collaborations and meaningful relationships.

I am honored and proud to be representing my high school, community, Youth and Government program, state, and generation in what will be an effective and exciting year. I am enthusiastic about working with the early conference Governor, the Michigan Youth and Government Staff and Alumni, and the YMCA community. Thank you all for pathing the way for such an amazing opportunity, 

Emma Macaluso 

I can recall the bus ride home from Spring Conference where I collected my thoughts on the conference. I was excited over the elections and decided that I was not going to waste any more years, and I was going to make the most of what I had left of YIG. I decided I would run for Youth Governor when I could and try to leave a lasting impact on the program that I love.

Then the year came, and I was stressed, and disappointed about it being online. However, once the conference started I realized that it was just the same, that even though we were not in Lansing, it still felt like a second home with all the people that make up YIG. Despite this great feeling, I was still incredibly stressed, and a scared, nervous wreck. However, all those emotions dissipated after the election results were announced. I realized that I had made it, and the voters in YIG had decided I was the right path to go with for the betterment of the future of YIG. All the nervousness, and stress gave way to excitement. I could now act on my freshman dream of trying to leave a lasting positive impact on YIG, and the people who attend the conference.

It is an honor to serve as your 2022 Early Conference Youth Governor. I look forward to serving you and making the conference a better place for everyone. Thank you for voting for and believing in me. MYIG is a great place because of the people who attend, and I cannot thank all of you enough for this opportunity,

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