Executive Branch - Governor's Cabinet

As a member of the Governor's Cabinet you work directly with the Youth Governor. As a cabinet you will discuss bills that are a priority for the Youth Governor as well as lobby for those bills. If this is something you would like to be apart of please fill out the form below! There is a limit on how many delegates can be on the Governor's Cabinet. 

YMCA Michigan Youth in Government Youth Governors are elected to serve 1 term. The campaign begins in the Fall of their Junior year in a regional Primary Election at Fall Training Conference. Each regional district elects a candidate who runs in the General Election as Spring Conference. The Youth Governor serves from their election at the Closing Session of Spring Conference until they announce the new Youth Governor at the end of the term the following year. 

Youth Governor Earl

Youth Governor Ramani

Hello all and welcome back to another fantastic year of Michigan Youth in Government! I'm super excited to meet all of you at our fall conferences, and I know you're all going to be every bit as awesome as I'd hoped you'd be.

As your Governor, I'm going to work extra hard to make communication with me and other members of cabinet as open as possible. Feel free to ask me or my team any questions you may have! We're here for you.

I'd also like to prioritize this year a theme of synergy. Despite being in different roles and program areas, we're still all YIG Kids at the end of the day. It's of the utmost importance that we work together, and progress towards the common goal of leaving this year with new experiences, skills, and lifelong connections. 

If this whole process is a little scary for you, don't worry. The staff, Alumni, and I, as well as any upperclassmen that have been in the program before, are all super eager to help out in any way we can. I'm also going to be checking in multiple times before Spring Conference with our different delegations to make sure everyone feels as prepared as they can be. Thank you guys for choosing to spend your time with us in Lansing, get working on those bills, and have a great year!

Hi everyone!! Welcome back for another year of Michigan Youth in Government! I’m so excited to meet all of you!

This year, I’m focusing on building our community with Youth Governor Earl. Being our second year back after our virtual conference in 2020, I know we’re all eager to get back to Lansing. Even if it’s your first or fourth year back, just know we’re all learning together. I know that we can create an incredible conference this Spring, and I’m looking forward to working with all of you. 

Please reach out to me on @governorkrisha or @krisharamani on Instagram: always know I’m here for you, for whatever you need! 

Thank you all so much for putting your trust in Ian and I, and I know we’re going to have an incredible conference this March!

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