What is the Legislature program?

The Legislature program is a simulation of the Michigan Government. Before arriving at the conference each student is required to write a bill in which they could see becoming a law. Once the students arrive to the conference they have been assigned to a committee and either the House or the Senate. Throughout the program the students are acting Senators and Representatives debating in committee and in session on the bills they wrote! Once the bill passes committee, House and Senate it is then put onto the Youth Governors desk. The Youth in Government office then submits all of our bills that have been signed up the Youth Governor to the Michigan Legislature. We have had an elected Senator or Representative might like the bill idea so much they will present it as a from of legislation. In 2013 a Youth in Government bill about Anti Bullying became a law! Join the program that can make real change for the citizens of Michigan!

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Using Parliamentary Procedure  to order a pizza (coming soon)
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