YMCA Michigan Youth in Government delegates write legislation as Senators and Representatives. Legislation submitted by the bill deadline is printed in the conference wide Bill Book to be deliberated and discussed by all delegates. Most bills are written by 1 or 2 "Bill Sponsors" from the same delegation. Bills are then numbered and assigned to the committee and Originating Chamber of the primary sponsor. The bi-cameral committees discuss and amend the bills and consider them for passage into the originating chamber. Bills passed out of the originating chamber are sent to the opposite chamber for consideration. After the same version of the bill passes both chambers it is sent to the Youth Governor for review for signing or veto. 

There are several resources as delegates as they form their idea, research the topic and refine the legislation prior to submission.

The Bill Writing Lesson plan can be found in the Delegation Toolkit

Youth Research Center - Partnership with YMCA of the USA, Florida Youth in Government and Michigan Youth in Government to provide this nationwide legislation database to all delegates of our programs. 

Once the bills are written, use the below form to submit your bill. You will need your UserID number from your profile along with your bill. Questions about bill submission should be sent to staff@myig.org.

Bill Submission

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