Model Judiciary Program (MJP) 

Case Materials

  • 2024 Rules Packet - Please read and learn the competition rules thoroughly.
  • 2024 Case Packet - Check out our 2024 case materials! *Revised 1/15/24*
  • 2024 FAQ Form - Have questions about the 2024 Case or Rules? Ask the experts here! We will accept questions through January 5, 2024 and release an FAQ document the week of January 8, 2024.
  • 2024 FAQ Answers


  • - Create flashcards to help your students/team mates learn the rules of the program. This is also helpful for assisting in learning objections.
  • Objections Flashcards - Learn objections and their exceptions!
  • Scoring Sheet - Check out what the judges will be scoring on.
  • Procedures - Not sure where to start? Check out this helpful resource from advisor Traci Hopper on MJP procedures complete with fun videos!
  • Cross Examination - A guide on cross examination, tips & tricks from alumna Payton Bucki.
  • Direct Examination - A guide on direct examination, tips & tricks from alumna Payton Bucki.
  • Opening Statements & Closing Arguments - A guide on opening statements and closing arguments by alumnus Mason Morse.
  • Theory, Theme & Objections - A guide on how to determine a theory and theme for your case, along with how best to utilize objections by alumnus Mason Morse.
  • MJP Educational Guide - This guide contains training information on cross examinations, direct examinations, opening statements, closing statements, theory, etc.
  • Lesson Plans - Check out these mock trial lesson plans to help students work on different parts of the case and practice.
  • Trial By Combat - Check out Drexel University's Trial by Combat videos to help gain some perspective on what mock trial looks like. Recommended by alumni and college mock trial member Mason Morse.
  • 2021 MJP Finals - An excellent example of what a mock trial round looks like at MYIG!
  • Jury Selection Information - Students will participate in jury selection during the conference. It is a good idea for all MJP students to review this information detailing what jury selection is before arrival.

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