Reuniting for a Better Tomorrow

Presented by the 2022 Youth Governors and the Fetzer Institute. Governors Thorne and Macaluso will facilitate a discussion with Mark Gerzon, author of Reunited States about how the film and the youth leadership of YMCA MYIG can be tools for all of us in advancing civility, compassion and the YMCA core values.  Special Guest Representative Peter Meijer will discuss the role of the legislators in leading this cause. Through the the work of the Millennial Action Project will also be highlighted during the event. Join the webinar to hear the teens, the Reunited States team and Michigan's legislators share their vision for ensuring that YMCA Youth in Government and our state is a place where we can discuss, deliberate and debate ideas and work together to ensure a better future for all. 

Date: Tuesday January 13th

Time: 12:30 - 2:00 PM

Registration Link:

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