Meet Will


"My name is William Lowry, and I have been honored with the opportunity to serve as the 2016-2017 Youth Governor of Michigan Youth in Government.”

This is a line that I will most likely be saying a lot over the next year. However, I constantly am being asked, and am asking myself, “what exactly does that mean?”

As Youth Governor, a delegate is expected to perform a number of duties. These include attending a number of conferences in Lansing, attending the Conference on National Affairs in North Carolina, and the YMCA Youth Governor’s Conference in Washington DC. The Youth Governor is also expected to participate and speak at YMCA events around the state, but perhaps the largest responsibility of the Youth Governor is to oversee both the middle and high school Michigan Youth in Government conferences. The Youth Governor is the YMCA of Michigan’s representative to the rest of the state and nation.

To me the opportunity to serve as Youth Governor is so much more than that! It involves getting to know individuals from all over the state and country and having the opportunity to hear what their wants and needs are. It’s an opportunity to voice the opinions of the younger generation on a large scale through legislation passed at both the middle and high school conferences.

As high school students, we have papers to write, jobs to go to, siblings to drive around, scholarships to apply for, and colleges to apply to. So why does Youth in Government even matter, amidst all of the chaos of everyday life? To me, Youth in Government helps to create a well-rounded individual - without fail. Youth in Government is for the students in the wonderful state of Michigan who are pushing to not only be more but to help more. It’s for the students who are looking to contribute to the world around them in a positive manner, and it’s for the students who are looking to create a brighter future - not only for themselves but for our generation as a whole.

MYIG is where we come to innovate. MYIG is where we come to collaborate. MYIG is where we come to create change in our state. And I’m fortunate enough to be a part of it. 

Will Lowry

Black River High School

2016-2017 Youth Governor

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Quincy, Michigan 49082
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