Meet Sam

2018 Youth Governor - Sam Lowry

At Black River, participation in Michigan Youth in Government is almost a given. While I expected to enjoy it, I did not expect it to be life changing—the past three years have proved me wrong.

Going into Michigan Youth in Government, I had all the confidence but none of the knowledge or reserve—needless to say I had just gotten out of middle school. At my first fall conference, my older brother introduced me to all of his returner friends. They acted as points of inspiration and coached me through the program—motivating me to prepare as much as possible for the spring. I researched and became more knowledgeable but still did not realize that there are times to speak and times to listen.

But with the passing of every conference, I became more refined—most notably while serving on the Governor's Cabinet my sophomore year. I quickly learned in that group that I was nowhere near the smartest nor the most credible. Instead of leading conversation I sat back, listened, and thought before speaking. I had finally learned what it truly means to be a servant leader.   

Thus in all practical matters, Michigan Youth in Government has raised me. It has given me hope for the future, motivation to be the best person possible, and direction in life. It has also been there to scoop me off the ground because life is really hard sometimes. It has taught me things you can find in a book but also things which pages are unable to contain. Lastly, it has taught me what it is to be an American but mostly importantly what it is to be human.

I am eternally indebted to this program, and what position is better suited for giving back than Youth Governor?

While Michigan Youth in Government itself has given me so much, it has been the friendships and mentorships which have been the most impactful. I would not have been as successful if my older brother had not introduced me to his friends at my first fall conference. Thus, in the coming year, I will create a one-on-one system of mentorship in order to raise the first years up—bettering the conference as a whole.   

Thank you for proving me wrong and granting me with the platform to give back. Aashray and I will not disappoint. I guarantee it.  

All the best,

Samuel Lowry

Black River Public School


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