Legislative Oversight Overview

What is the legislative oversight program?

Sign up to be part of the Legislative Oversight program today! In 2018, MYIG partnered with the Levin Center at Wayne Law to cultivate a new program called legislative oversight. The legislative oversight program is an opportunity for students to conduct and participate in an oversight investigation about an issue having an impact on Michigan today. This program will be in addition to another role at the conference such as: Legislator, Lobbyist or Governor's Cabinet member.

What is a legislative oversight investigation?

In most states and in our federal government, legislative oversight investigations happen when a problem arises that needs to be solved or addressed. In a lot of cases, legislators conduct oversight investigations because they want to hold someone accountable for what happened. Sometimes they hold other parts of the government accountable, but they may also hold private entities like companies or individuals accountable as well. Often, holding someone or something accountable means drafting legislation that stops the situation from happening again. Other times, legislators can only publicly condemn what happened and ask for a criminal investigation. The outcome of each oversight investigation depends on the people involved and the subject matter being investigated.

Who participates in legislative oversight?

  • Legislators take on the role of investigators.
  • Witnesses will be given facts and then act out their role. 
  • Lobbyists will try to convince legislators to call specific witnesses to earn points for their firm.

What is the topic of this year’s legislative oversight investigation?

This year legislators will tackle an oversight investigation about alleged labor trafficking in Southeast Michigan.

Labor Trafficking Inquiry -- Possible Witnesses

Governor’s Cabinet:

Secretary of Labor, Consumers and Industry

Secretary of Law and Justice 

Secretary of Health

Expert Witnesses:

Advocate for trafficking survivor support groups

    Chair of Michigan Human Trafficking Commission

Industry Witnesses:

Representative of hotel industry 

Representative of hospital 

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