Duties of Governor

These are the things you must keep in mind when voting for a youth governor. Please elect the person who will be able to represent us well and fulfill these duties.

Look for the following qualities when considering the candidates for governor:

1. Must have served at least one year in the legislature
2. In Junior school year (11th grade)
3. Strong leadership skills in communication and follow through of responsibilities
4. Knowledge of parliamentary procedure & the legislative process
5. Positive personality, good citizenship, dress and poise
6. A knowledge of state issues and possible solutions to state problems
7. Critical thinking ability and desire to be civically engaged
8. Ability to speak extemporaneously

The duties of the governor are more far-reaching than just the state conference.  The following are the events that your governor is involved in (in the act of representing you the students of Michigan Youth in Government).

1. Attend fall conferences
2. Attend & speak at YMCA Leadership conference
3. Attend & speak at Michigan Manufacturers Association leadership breakfast (consisting of Senators and Representatives and business leaders from around the state.)
4. Attend and speak at the annual Legislative Appreciation Breakfast
5. Attend the annual governor’s conference in Washington DC, where he/she will be representing all the YIG students of Michigan.
6. Attend CONA as our delegation leader
7. Attend and lead Middle school conference
8  Participate and speak at the annual YMCA Advocacy Day in Lansing


Duties of the Governor's Cabinet

Three students are selected from each district to be members of the governor's cabinet. The governor will appoint commissioners from this student body to work on selected topics (ie. environment, conservation, health & safety, etc.) The responsibility of each cabinet officer is to attend meetings of the legislative committees dealing with his topic, take notes on important bills, attend floor debates on bills in their area, act as the governor's lobbyist on such bills and report to and advise the governor on such bills when they reach the his/her desk. Students with knowledge in a given area should apply for a cabinet position. For example, a delegate who is interested in conservation and has been involved in wildlife protection programs would make an ideal commissioner of environmental conservation.

  • Cabinet members will advise and council with the governor on all matters concerning his/her duties.
  • Must possess leadership skills.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
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